500W丨brushless motor with control system NXK0776

תיאור קצר:

  • יכולת אספקה: 50,000 PCS / חודש
  • Min להזמין כמות: 200 PCS / חודש
  • נמל: Ningbo, סין
  • תנאי תשלום: T / T, L / C
  • כוח: 500W
  • מתח: 220V
  • מהירות: 5000rpm
  • weight: 1.8kg
  • פרטי מוצר

    תגיות מוצר



    Industrial machine

    Textile machine

    Centrifugal machine



    Typical performance

    Output Power: 500W
    Voltage: 220V
    Speed: 5000rpm
    Torque: 1.2N.m
    Current: 3.7A
    Efficiency: 85%
    Working Temperature: -15~45℃
    Weight: 1.8kg


    We can customized according to your requirements!


    שרטוט מתאר



    1. Professional: The company was founded in 2011, it has focused on different motor manufacture

    2. Reasonable price: We are professional motor manufacturers, so there is a great advantage in terms of price

    3. Quality products and good reputation: Good quality with CE/IFA/ROHS certification

    4. Technology: This Micro DC brushless vacuum motor with high rotate speed, high vacuum degree, high flow and high efficiency

    5. Wide application: special for handle vacuum cleaner, wireless vacuum cleaner, home vacuum cleaner, hand dryer machine,  air  renewal  system.

    6. Superior performance: small size and high power

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